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 Tips for running on a budget - Running on a budget can be a difficult task. Compared to other activities, running is a relatively low-cost sport. Here are a few tips to be sure you can maintain your love for running without breaking the bank.
 How to save on running shoes - The next time you are in the market for running shoes, follow these simple suggestions and hunt for the best bargain. Keep in mind though that, even if a shoe seems a great deal, it may wear down faster than a more expensive one, or not be appropriate for your running style.
 Costly marathons - It's hard to imagine now, but it wasn't that long ago runners did not even receive a T-shirt when they signed up to enter a race. Now T-shirts, as well as other options are part of the running experience. It's a business and a big one.
 How to run more and spend less - You run to feel free. You run to release stress. You run to simplify. How much are you willing to pay to run? Many spend thousands, even though running can be one of the most affordable sports. Spending more means working more. Working more means running less.
 Fundraising tips for runners - Sometimes running is not just about staying healthy, getting fit or obtaining a personal best - sometimes running is also about raising funds for a specific cause. Fundraising may sound more difficult than running, but in the end is a pretty straightforward process and can even be a lot of fun! Here are some helpful tips on how to raise money for your next charity run.
 How to create a free or low-cost website for your running event - Is your running event an inaugural event with little or no budget to start out with, but you'd like to have an online presence other than Facebook and Twitter? With so many free and low-cost methods available, here are some free tips for you to get started to create a respectable website for you event.
 Running nutrition on a budget - A limited food budget creates a fueling challenge for many athletes, including runners traveling to foreign races, college teams or students responsible for their own meals, parents of active kids, and semi-pro players hoping to get to the next level. The name of the fueling game is: How can you buy enough healthy calories with the least amount of money? These practical tips can help optimize a low-budget sports diet.
 Save money by making your own Gatorade - Nothing beats the fresh air and solitude of covering big swaths of ground in nature's gymnasium. And when running and sweating, nothing feels better going down than a cold sports drink. But here's the thing - those drinks are not cheap.
 How to race a lot without going broke - The notion that running is cheap because it just requires a pair of sneakers is quite simply not true. The good news is that just like there are ways to shave a few seconds off your personal best, there are ways to shave a few dollars off your total running bill.

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